TRX & Social Media

Social Media, heard of it? Probably. So why are we bringing this up, these days you see Fitness bloggers popping up on every corner of the internet.

What does TRX have to do with that? Well, if it weren’t for those Fitness bloggers, you and I wouldn’t have known of TRX. They promoted this through social and online media.

Fitness bloggers have a massive influence on fitness interested people. For example, I am a Fitness blogger with 1 million Instagram followers – do you think I have good influence? Yes, I do.

So big businesses pay me to write something interesting or positive about their product. Millions of people interested in Fitness get to see this, and will probably buy the product if they are interested in it. This is the power of social media marketing, and it’s one of the biggest reasons we buy the things we buy and do the things we do.

It’s not just about Instagram even though most people think of that platform when I talk about social media influencers. There is Facebook, Twitter. Yes, did you know that people actually buy followers for Twitter so they can ask a higher rate for a sponsored post?

We can even go further, let’s look at Musical.Ly, it’s an app that is mainly used by kids age 9-16, but boy is it powerful. There are some people that buy musically followers, so they get featured easier and have a massive influence on their followers.

It’s just something I felt like sharing. I’ve done some research the past couple of years, and to me, it seems like most Fitness products, protein shakes, gear and so on, is promoted through social media by accounts that seem very authoritive, but it’s not always true.

Just because someone has 1 million followers on a social media platform, does not mean the product they’re promoting is a good one – or a trusted one.

That being said, TRX is awesome. So check out some more information about it while you’re on our blog anyway.


4 TRX Suspension Training Exercises That Are Good For You

A TRX suspension trainer may look simple, but its two adjustable straps are actually useful for any fitness enthusiast. It could be the most effective piece of fitness equipment that you can use to strengthen your core and abs. It can also provide you with a full-body workout. Here are four of the most effective TRX exercises that you can do:

TRX Pikes

This exercise is helpful in building a strong core. It’s mainly because it challenges your stability, balance, and your abdominal muscles. It can also increase your strength, making you handle more advanced workouts.

  • Adjust the TRX suspension trainer straps to mid-calf length. Start by putting your body in a suspended plank position. Your feet should be on the loops, and your wrists should be directly below your shoulders. Your toes should be facing down. Ensure the proper alignment of your body – from your head down to the toe.
  • Press down through your palms then raise your hips up to the ceiling. You can do so by bringing your legs closer to your chest. This should let you form an upside down V.
  • Bring your legs down slowly then go back to the starting position. Do as many repetitions as you can.


This TRX exercise works well for cyclists and runners. It improves the stability of your core while also targeting your glutes.

  • Stand in a position that requires you to face away from the anchor. Your back foot should be suspended in the two-foot cradles beneath the anchor point.
  • Lower your body to perform the lunge. Keep your torso tall. Both your knees should be positioned at 90 degrees.
  • Go back up. You can do so by pushing using your front heel.

Additional Tips: Avoid lunging forward to get the best results of the workout. Do up and down movements instead. Adjust the strap to mid-calf length.

Atomic Pushup

Integrate crunch in this workout to make it even more effective. It works as a fully integrated movement, which challenges the core and targets the upper body.

  • Kneel down while facing away from the anchor. Your feet should be in the foot cradles.
  • Let your hands stay on the ground. Position them in such a way that they are slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Lift your body and stay in a plank position. Bring your body down. This is possible by keeping your elbows bent at 90 degrees.
  • Go back up. You can do so by slightly lifting your hips and performing the crunch. Your two knees should be brought towards your chest.

TRX Side Planks

Similar to the standard side plank that you can do on the floor, this workout is effective in engaging your abdominal muscles. It mainly targets your oblique. Your feet should be on the TRX, instead of the floor, which makes it more challenging.

  • Adjust the TRX suspension trainer straps at mid-calf. Put your two feet in the loops. Position your body in a suspended plank. Your shoulder should be over your hands while your entire body should be in a straight line – starting from your head down to your toes.
  • Roll into the left slowly. This move should position your left elbow below your left shoulder and your top leg in front of the bottom part of your leg. This will help engage the core.
  • Keep the bottom part of your hip lifted. This is important in maintaining the stability of your body. Then raise your top arm to the ceiling.
  • Stay in this position for fifteen to thirty seconds then do the same on the other side.

This article provides four of the best TRX suspension trainer exercises. Note that the TRX equipment is versatile, so you can actually do a lot of things with it that will surely engage the different parts of your body.